That’s the by-law, baby

In a recent article we heard about a strata tenant being threatened with a $550 fine … because her baby was crying.

The story has caused quite the stir in strata and parenting communities with mixed opinions surrounding the ethics and fairness of the judgement.

On one hand (as you’d expect), the Mother of the 19-month old toddler in question was outraged after receiving the warning letter. She felt “bullied” by the “threatening” tone of the warning, and claimed the actions of the strata company involved to be “discrimination to the utmost!”. As a frenzy of Facebook support erupted it also became very clear the she was not alone in this opinion.

On the other hand however, opinion was also voiced in support of the strata warning, arguing that the disruption to residents caused by the toddlers excessive “shouting and screaming” is in breach of the strata scheme by-laws as it infringes on the rights of other residents to “enjoy a peaceful existence“.

Here’s the full article.

Tell us what you think …
Should Mum and Bub pipe down, pay up and move on from the strata complex?
Or, would a good pair of earplugs do the trick?