Who We Are

CSTM Strata Group provides comprehensive and professional Community and Strata Title Management for owners of strata, community and neighbourhood titled properties.

We are a dynamic group of strata specialists, located in regional offices throughout NSW and Queensland. United under our Group banner, CSTM has a reputation for delivering quality strata management to our local communities. The Small Block Strata Co., the specialists in value strata for small apartment block owners, is also part of the group.

CSTM Newcastle commenced operations in 1999. The company has grown, and now consists of a group of branches located in Newcastle, New England, Terrigal and Tuggerah in NSW and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. These local offices benefit from extensive resource support as part of the broader CSTM Strata Group. Regardless of your location, we take pride in providing a localised and friendly service for the owners of the properties we manage.

Our Values

Specialising in delivering quality strata management to our local communities, CSTM is committed to the following principles & values:






These fundamental values underpin the way we work everyday, enabling us to provide a professional, courteous service that forms the foundation of your CSTM experience.

Our People

CSTM Strata Group employs over thirty people. Our Director, Craig Grant has a MBA from Macquarie, and international banking experience through Chase Manhattan in Sydney, New York and London.

Our team at CSTM continually strive to make your affiliation with us a better experience. Our objectives are to utilise the strengths of our processing and services to grow the business by driving innovation and a services model that is appealing to our owners.

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Our Clients

You as our client are central to all business activities. Our owners’ constitute our reason for being and remain the determining factor in all our decisions. Timely responses; listening to your needs; professional, courteous service, and expertise are the foundations of the CSTM client experience.

It will be our pleasure to look after you.