Pool ownership: stay safe & afloat

This summer it has become all too frequent to hear of tragic and preventable drownings and in backyard swimming pools.


We know that there is no substitute for attentive adult supervision and responsible behaviour – however it is crucial that swimming pool and spa pool owners implement and maintain high safety standards to provide a safe environment and prevent drowning accidents.


Pool owners are responsible for keeping informed about current laws and must maintain a safe and compliant pool area at all times. Whilst these regulations may not always relate specifically to Strata owners, it is important for everyone to be aware of safety practices that could be life-saving.


The NSW Government commissioned Independent Review of Swimming Pool Regulation is a resource that can be referred to when reviewing the safety standards of pool areas. Whilst not all of the recommendations have been enforced, the review is designed to provide guidance on the safety measures which should ideally be implemented to provide a safe pool area.


New property buyers must also be aware of their responsibilities when purchasing properties with swimming pools or pool spas – this includes rectifying non-compliant pool barriers within 90 days of settlement.

To find out more about pool safety recommendations & legislation, refer to the following links:

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