Smokers to butt out under strata law reforms

The NSW Government has recently issued reforms to laws governing the manner in which strata schemes operate. All parties involved in strata management and residency were previously operating under regulations that hadn’t undergone reform since 1973.

It is anticipated that these changes will hold a range of benefits and have a positive effect on strata communities across the state.

In a move to update the safety of residents and provide a more comfortable environment, proposed changes to by-laws have targeted a number of key areas. In particular, the issue of smoke drift that is seen to be a nuisance or hazard has been identified as an area of concern.

The owners corporation will have more power, being able to issue compliance notices to offenders, and seek Tribunal assistance where required.

Given the health concerns arising from second hand smoke exposure, particularly in areas where children may be present, this is seen as a progressive step forward in strata law reform.